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We have been dreaming of hosting a TEDx and have finally been able to turn this dream into reality. We hope to see you at the event and leave feeling inspired.

Peizhen He

Peizhen is a young and straight-forward law student with a passion for women’s rights. She loves fun and meaningful challenges that will make her grow as a person and contribute to a better world. Other than TEDxLund, Peizhen is also involved in many other projects that aim for social change. And she has plans on launching some of her own projects too.

As the ambitious person she is, she can also be competitive and her motto is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, along with “just do it”, an encouragement to stop doubting yourself and just go for it.

When she’s not studying or working with her projects she likes laughing with friends, eating delicious food and watch Asian TV shows.

Kathy Wu

Kathy is almost done with her bachelor degree in Strategic communication and Digital media. What makes her happy is to wake up every morning and feel passionate about what she's doing with her life.

She may have felt hopeless and sadness about not knowing what she’s doing with her life, especially during exams-periods. But then she remembers what makes her so happy and it’s food. That's why she would love to travel around the world, not only to eat but also to see what the world outside school looks like.

''Information's pretty thin stuff, unless mixed with experience.''

Clarence Day.

In her free time, she likes to share her happiness with her family and friends and do outdoor activities. Still, there’s days when she likes to stay home to watch movies and listen to music.

Jeremy Boom

Jeremy is Co Founder of weAdventure.org. He also works as a freelance web designer. Jeremy moved to Southern Sweden a few months ago and is now building weAdventure. He's passionate about the outdoors, sustainability, human rights and design.

Check out weAdventure below


Growing Dreams

How do you go from dreams to reality, turn ideas into action and dream big? What is even a dream and how do you grow it?

This year we have invited speakers to share their great ideas and how their work is growing dreams. They will inspire, fascinate and perhaps surprise you.