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Growing Dreams

How do you go from dreams to reality, turn ideas into action and dream big?

What even is a dream and how do you grow it?

We invited speakers to share their ideas and how their work is growing dreams.

We hope they will inspire, fascinate and perhaps even surprise you.

Karen Holst

Young Women's Advocate

How BIG will you show up in life? Karen Holst approaches life with passion, purpose and inspiration. She is fascinated by the limitless power of the human spirit and what people can in fact achieve when they push their potential.

As co-founder and mastermind of live it up!, her mission is to serve young women around the world while inspiring others to dream without compromise, believe without waver, and live without delay.

Robert Janson


Do recycling bins have to be ugly, smelly and hidden in some dark place? Ever thought about giving them a makeover?

Here is someone who has thought about the little things that slip our minds. This small change can be the starting point to something great.

Robert Janson, a young architect with an idea that will change the way we see our recycling stations. By making them pretty and showing them off, you will think recycling is fun!

Kent Ngo

Co-founder of FoPo Food Powder

How would you solve world hunger? Kent Ngo and his teammates together came up with an idea that aims to solve this global problem. Without using any new products or new techniques, FoPo are reducing food waste by giving new life to almost-expired fruits. They call it ”taking dumpster diving to the next level”.

Alán Ali

Founder of Bessari Consulting, head of department at Elektra Malmö

With a passion for motorbikes and working against injustice, Alán Ali will fight for your rights!

Founder and owner of Bessari Consulting, head of department at Elektra Malmö and in third place right after Zlatan for the title as Malmö-Lunda resident of the year in 2009, this is a person who has been chosen by the U.S embassy as the one and only participant from Sweden to take part in the prestigious International Visitor Leadership Program in 2014 for America's Multi-Ethnic Society and the Role of the Successor Generation.

Alumni of this program are former Prime Ministers Fredrik Reinfeldt and Carl Bildt.

Sara Holmqvist

Founder of SARA Ledarskap

Sara Holmqvist is passionate about passionate people - and them staying on fire, avoiding burnout. Her dream is to create a future workplace where employee burnout can be avoided and prevented. She has worked in both public and private sector ranging from elderly care, communication, clinical research, brand development, team leading and concept development for work environments of the future.

Sara now runs SARA ledarskap (SARA leadership) that offers burnout prevention programs for office workers, and also gives seminars on "The dangers of the office"; reflections on research and organizational dilemmas gathered from client work and personal work experiences.

Jesper Öqvist

Computer Science PhD student, Open Source enthusiast and creator of Chunky

Programming, coding, path tracing, Open Source… ugh it all sounds really complicated and difficult! Do I have to be a genius, or a hacker to know these things? We think not.

Jesper Öqvist, PhD student in Computer Science, Open Source enthusiast and creator of Chunky which has been downloaded 150000 times is going to tell you a thing or two about programming and what it really takes to start coding. As the creator of Chunky, a popular program for rendering Minecraft worlds, he will share his story with you on October 10th at Månteatern.



How perfect wouldn't it be to share the stage with your best friend and soulmate? This lovely duo are not only best friends and soulmates, but they’re also twins! Born and raised in Lund!

With two vocals and two guitars, these twins are creating their history with music and singing their dream onstage. They do acoustic pop covers of famous and less famous songs and compose their own melodies. With voices that catch your attention and guitar skills that make your heart dance, they will charm you with their fun and crazy personalities.

Danny Lam

Founder of TNKVRT

Living in this modern society has its pros and cons. Sharing a story with the world today has never been easier, at the same time it has never been more difficult to actually focus on the story. Nowadays the attention is shifted from the story to the comments field.

To steer away from fruitless discussions and mean comments and focus on the story being told, this speaker thought of creating a physical book with stories from people who have experienced everyday racism. Danny Lam, founder of TNKVRT will share his personal story and idea about moving away from the digital world back to the physical world.

Artur Nilsson

Ph.D in psychology

What are world views and how do they affect us? This is what Artur Nilsson, Ph.D in psychology, will discuss in his TEDx talk. During his student years, he studied psychology and philosophy in parallel and it was in the intersection of these two subjects that the idea of the importance of world views grew.

He learned to know that the research available regarding people’s world views was fragmented, unsystematic and lacked a holistic approach despite its significance in people’s lives. In 2013 he wrote his dissertation on "The psychology of worldviews: Toward a non-reductive science of personality" and is now trying to establish “The psychology of world views” as a field of research.

We hope you've enjoyed our talks!

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